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application user manual template

application user manual template

Application User Manual Template

Configure GRE over IPsec VPN

I've visited many countries mostly in the APAC region setting up VPN connections in client offices and our Point-of-Presence (POP) back to our HQ in Singapore. I started entering the Security area (with CCNA Security) couple years back and now enjoying the traveling perks because my security skills. ...

MazelTov! More Android Malware Coming to a Mobile Device Near You

Today’s motley cybercrime economy is by no means unfamiliar grounds to those tasked with defending their organizations from its many nefarious devices. Cybercriminals congregate in underground forums and darknets globally, peddling everything a would-be cybercriminal would need, from identities and ...

Konfigurasi CMS pada ubuntu 14.04 LTS

6.2 PERTANYAAN PENDAHULUAN 1. Apakah yang dimaksud dengan Content Management System (CMS)? Jawab: Content Management System (CMS) adalah perangkat lunak yang memungkinkan seseorang untuk menambahkan dan/atau memanipulasi (mengubah) isi dari suatu situs Web. Umumnya, sebuah CMS (Content Management Sy ...

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